[pypy-dev] pylint 0.17 containing the RPython checker is available

Sylvain Thénault sylvain.thenault at logilab.fr
Thu Mar 1 10:28:59 CET 2007

Hi there !

I'm pleased to announce that the new pylint release containing the
rpython checker is available on logilab's web site. This first attempt
contains the following checks:

* unavailable keywords / builtins
* multiple inheritance
* mixing multiple types
* non homogeneous list
* global modification
* negative slice index
* using %r in format string
* warn about special method that are not implicitly called

By default the rpython checker is deactivated. Activate it using :

  pylint --rpython-mode -rn ...

(-rn is disabling statistics reports) or 

  pylint --enable-checker=rpython ...

to get only rpython checks (though in this case you won't be warn about
regular errors). 

Another interesting thing is the rpython dedicated testing framework,
testing that checked things are actually not translatable. I've the idea
that this may be useful to generate some kind of documentation for
features supported by rpython or not, and help spread information when a
feature that wasn't supported is introduced in rpython. That's another
story though... If you're interested, check

Please report any false positives you find or things you can think about
that would be interesting to check.

Sylvain Thénault                               LOGILAB, Paris (France)
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Développement logiciel sur mesure:       http://www.logilab.fr/services
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