[pypy-dev] proofreading

Carl Friedrich Bolz cfbolz at gmx.de
Wed Mar 14 10:03:28 CET 2007

Hi Laura, hi all!

Laura Creighton wrote:
 > I'm available to do 'check-the-English'ing.

Cool, thanks for offering this!

 > What I need is a
 > list of files in the order that you would like me to read them,
 > preferably when they are done with the massive-update-for-content
 > phase.  I also need to know how to check out a pypy src tree that
 > has the papers - what I have now is missing that part.

The source files are in subdirectories of the svn repo


(which is not world-readable, though).

The reports that have mostly stable content currently are D2.1, D3.1,

 > Then -- do you just want me to fix as I go, or do you want me to
 > mark suggested changes?  When I am not sure of the sense of the
 > thing, should that happen, I will just mark up the confusing bits.
 > (But we won't have any of those, now, will we. :-) )

Fix as you go is fine, add XXXs where something is not understandable.

 > I want to be able to work on these un-connected to the internet.
 > I will check back in periodically, however.  How's that?

That's fine.

If anybody else (who does not have access to the eu repository) wants to
do fixes to the report, please speak up. I will think of a way to make
the sources available then. The pdf versions of all the reports can be
found here:



Carl Friedrich

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