[pypy-dev] Scheme front end - Google Summer of Code

Jakub Gustak jgustak at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 21:05:36 CET 2007

I am deeply interested in writing scheme interpreter/front-end as a
part of PyPy Google Summer of Code project.

As advised on GSoC site i decided to contact to this mailing list to
discuss my application.

### begin ###
PyPy Scheme interpreter/front-end

== Intro ==

PyPy project's main part is not Python interpreter implementation, but
its configurable translator. It provides a good way to avoid writing
interpreter for every language and platform. More information:

This project aims to write an interpreter for Scheme for the PyPy framework.
Scheme as very interesting dynamic language is nice goal to implement
in RPython and provide a translator. It's interesting from a academic
point of view to see if call/cc can be implemented on top of the
primitives the stackless transform provides. This can lead to
possibility of implementing first-class continuations (similar to
Scheme ones) in Python.

== Project Details ==

Proposed features:

	I am aiming to implement almost complete Scheme implementation
(according to r5rs specification) in RPython

	More details:
	* Complete scheme parser (read macro) in RPython including delayed
evaluation and quasi-quotations and macros.
	* Object space for Scheme covering all Scheme data types.
	* Research on possibility of implementing call/cc continuations using
primitives provided by stackless transform.

== Project Schedule ==
I am able to spend 10 hours/week starting from May until the end of
July (end of semester in Poland). During the summer I am able to spend
40 hours/week working on a project.
By the end of July I would like to complete the parser, without
macros, delayed evaluation and continuations. Then focus on Object
space to provide semi functional translator/interpreter. Later I would
go on with missing features (e.g call/cc on stackless). If all will go
fine we will end up with complete Scheme front-end before mid
September, although some restrictions are possible.

== About Me ==
I am a third year student at Wroclaw University of Technology
(Poland), Computer Science major. I am interested in meta programming
and programming languages design. I have experience in both Lisp and
Python languages, including some meta programming. I also am currently
studying MIT Structure and Implementation of Computer Programs
lectures and text book by Harold Abelson, Gerald J. Sussman and Julie

I wanted to participate in Google Summer of Code coding in Python or
Lisp. This subject gives me opportunity to experiment with both of

I wrote most of my academic projects in Python. I also am currently
working in web application based on Django framework.
I am participating in algorithmic contest as spoj.pl or opss.safo.biz
writing some of my solutions in Common Lisp, discovering functional

I also am a active member (actually a chairman) of IT Academic
Association (Akademickie Stowarzyszenie Informatyczne) at Wroclaw
University of Technology. I also actively promote free and open
software at my University, giving lectures about Xen hypervisor and
Kernel-based VM, Vim 7 editor, Subversion and Django-project.

Some informations about my work (in Polish):

### end ###

I am looking forward for some feedback from mentors.

Jakub Łukasz Gustak

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