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Paul deGrandis paul.degrandis at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 11:10:10 CET 2007

Hi Carl,
Totally, that makes a lot of time.  Here is the abstract...
The recent advancements of PyPy have been impressive to say the least. Much
work as been done to provide a JVM backend, but it still lacks full
completion of finer details. The goal of my summer of code project will be
to work at the remaining problems to achieve a level stability that is
fitting to be used with JSR-223 (the Java Scripting addition) and Java6.
Doing so will allow PyPy interoperability with Java, Scheme, Python,
JavaScript, Ruby, and many more languages that implement this JSR
specification. Additionally, should time allow, an empirical experiment will
be conducted to show the PyPy's affect on developer efficiency in an
academic setting using the JVM backend and JSR-223 bridge.

The detailed description:
Various developers of the Pypy team (and community) have helped get the JVM
high-level backend where it is today. As stated in the the PyPy report from
March 12th, "There are a number of possible improvements to this system." My
plan for this project is to have detailed discussions with each of the
developers both separately and together to gather what they feel are the
most important improvements. Through a process similar to that of
task-selection in Extreme Programming, I'll work on the tasks one by one,
contributing to the large test suite of the PyPy system, and improving the
JVM backend. Ideally, half way through the process of improving the backend,
I would like to begin the process of creating JSR-223 bindings for use in
Java6. This would allow the PyPy Objects and Java Object to work together.
To achieve any sort of progress in this area, bridging and mapping into Java
libraries and objects is necessary. Once this is achieved such benefits as
using Swing GUI objects in PyPy should be possible. I plan on seeking much
guidance from jython developers (as some of the work on the PyPy project as
well). While this might not be completed in the time span allowed for Summer
Of Code, it is one feature of PyPy I would like to see carried out and will
see through to completion. The JSR-223 specification binding would allow for
interoperability between Java, Python, PyPy, Ruby, Scheme, JavaScript and
many more languages.
Additionally, during the time frame of summer of code, I would like collect
empirical data that illustrates PyPy's affect on developer efficiency in an
academic research environment. I plan on writing and publishing the results
of ALL summer of code work to conferences like ICSM, SCAM, and others.


On 3/18/07, Carl Friedrich Bolz <cfbolz at gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi Paul!
> Paul deGrandis wrote:
> > I submitted my proposal today!
> > If you guys need me to tweak the application, please let me know!
> Would you maybe post the application here too? I think it would be good
> to have a common discussion about it (not going back and forth in the
> Google web app, which takes a lot of time and such).
> Cheers,
> Carl Friedrich
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