[pypy-dev] Google Summer of Code

Daniel Nogradi nogradi at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 11:35:02 CET 2007

Just some comments for anyone who wants to do the mochikit subproject
of the JS backend in the hope that someone finds it useful. Some time
ago I started this but stopped due to lack of time but a couple of
ideas were considered:

1. I contacted Bob Ippolito and he said he would be willing to put
function annotation data into the rst documentation of mochikit once
we define exactly what kind of annotation data we want. This was not
pursued any further but if someone comes up with a good way of doing
this it would be very useful for automatically parsing the
documentation and creating the python modules on the fly especially if
new versions of mochikit come out.

2. How about integrating ElementTree (or etree in python 2.5) so that
the DOM can be manipulated that way? The JS backend would need to
convert the ElementTree API to the JS DOM API.


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