[pypy-dev] new architecture document

holger krekel holger at merlinux.de
Sat Mar 24 12:28:37 CET 2007

Hi all, 

i have a first draft of a 


I've used a new file so that one can easier check back with
the old one, and also because architecture.txt is an often
visited web link. 

I tried to implement the following intentions: 

* separate cleanly between mission/goals and 
  architecture description 
* keep status information mostly out (particularly
  of the mission statement and goals) 
* Talk about PyPy as two things, the translation
  framework and the Python Interpreter. 
* clarify terminology, particulary trying to
  use terms so that it becomes more obvious 
  that PyPy can be used for implementing other
  dynamic languages, i.e. cannot only be used to 
  implement Python Interpreters (although the latter is
  a major goal and also helps the translation framework
  with its architecture) 

If we'd like to provide status information we should
do that in a different section or document, i think. 
Well, and I am sure it still has lots of room for 
fixing, improvement and refinement, please hack away 
and/or tell me what you think :) 



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