[pypy-dev] Towards pypy-jvm

Antonio Cuni anto.cuni at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 21:14:47 CEST 2007

Hi Niko, hi all!

I've read in the IRC logs that there has been a bit of discussion about 
what genjvm still lacks in order to translate pypy.

Some weeks ago I also tried to translate pypy-jvm; it seems that the two 
most important missing features are r_dict and weakrefs.

The good news is that with some hacks it's possible to get a pypy 
version that doesn't make use of r_dict or weakrefs: have a look at this 
IRC log:

The bad news is that even with those changes, jvm crashed because of a 
failed assertion, then I gave up. I've no clue what it's going wrong, 
but maybe it's not something terribly wrong to fix.

I hope that this infos can help you in some way :-).

ciao Anto

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