[pypy-dev] pypy on Tim Bray's blog

Jacob Hallén jacob at openend.se
Wed Nov 14 03:53:18 CET 2007

Den Tuesday 13 November 2007 19.42.03 skrev Martijn Faassen:
> I'm convinced the body count of Python users is probably still quite a
> bit larger than Ruby users. I also have a strong suspicion far more
> people are using Python web frameworks than there are people using
> Rails, hype aside, but I may be wrong about that.

It doesn't really matter how many users you have, when someone measures
vibrant by how many excited people he meets at a conference. There
were 600 at a recent Rails conference, while Pycon gathers 400.

This is the way Tim Bray sees things and it is not our mission to tell
him that he is wrong. It is our mission to get him to pay for PyPy
development. He is the customer, and the customer is always right, ;-)

> I think making it practical and useful to run a PyPy-based Python
> interpreter in production projects is probably the best shot this
> project has at becoming more self-sustaining. You're close.
> So I'll definitely complain if you spend a lot of time on Ruby (or
> Smalltalk for that matter) before Python's all the way there. I think
> that'd be a bad idea for a whole range of reasons - get the last 10%
> done for Python first before you take even more on your plates. We all
> know that last 10% tends to be the hardest part. Focus is important. If
> you can't make that work for Python, you'd have a hard time making it
> work for any other language too (or convincing people that you can). Of
> course I realize I have no real voice in this project, but that's my input.

The reason we are not there yet for Python is financial, not due to a lack
of focus. (And what yo may have seen as a lack of focus during the funded
period was the totally opposite. We focused on delivering what we had
promised the EU, not on what would be the fastest path to be a viable
alternative to CPython.)

If we get funded to do Ruby, this will benefit Python, but the focus will be
on delivering what the one who pays wants out of the project, not on
making a better Python.


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