[pypy-dev] naive VM question

Tristan Seligmann mithrandi at mithrandi.za.net
Fri Nov 16 16:50:28 CET 2007

* Peter Fraser <pfraser at spatialmedia.com> [2007-11-16 22:53:39 +1300]:

> It seems to me that PyPy might be useful as a kind of "Co-Python"  -viz. 
> the PyPy VM running as a CPython extension, as a way to utilise a second 
> core from a single CPython process.
> I'm realistic about the level of integration that could be achieved,   
> -but even something that amounted to (fast) RPC inside a process might 
> be useful given the second vm was arguably "free for the using" on a 
> multicore system.

Why not just run two CPython VMs, instead of one CPython VM and one
PyPy VM?

> If  multiple cooperating processes is a reasonable response to the 
> "single threaded VM meets multi-core architecture" problem  -then is 
> "multiple VM's in a single process" a better one?

If you're running multiple VMs, and you want to take advantage of
multi-core architecture, running them in multiple processes seems like a
much better idea than running them in separate threads in the same
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