[pypy-dev] missing things for making PyPy "production" ready (for some value of production)

Charles Oliver Nutter charles.nutter at sun.com
Fri Nov 16 20:14:27 CET 2007

Antonio Cuni wrote:
> If you meant a "Python to JVM bytecode compiler", that's what I was 
> talking about too :-).
> I'm not sure that having it will cover 90% of people interested in 
> pypy-jvm; to fully exploit python on jvm we need to allow access to Java 
> classes from Python (and vice-versa), but this is unrelated to having a 
> python-to-jvm compiler (for example, pypy-cli allows to access .NET 
> classes without compiling python code to CLI).

Wiring in support for calling Java libraries won't be particularly 
difficult, given the many reflective capabilities already present for 
Java. But I agree it needs to be there for most people to find a lot of use.

However, if PyPy on JVM can be brought to a point where it can actually 
run real Python apps (especially apps that would be useful in the 
domains where Java is useful) the integration question can be delayed a 
bit. Jython, for example, can't run anything. If PyPy could beat that in 
the short term and get something non-trivial running well, it would be a 
huge bonus.

> Also, the current plan for having a Python-to-jvm compiler is not to 
> write it by hand, but to automatically generating it by reusing the same 
> techniques we use for JIT, i.e. by partially evaluating the main 
> interpreter loop assuming the bytecode as a constant. This approach will 
> have the advantages of a) being correct "by design" b) working for both 
> pypy-jvm and pypy-cli and c) working not only for python, but also for 
> other languages implemented in rpython.

That's the work I meant, thanks for clarifying. Is this actively being 
worked right now?

- Charlie

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