[pypy-dev] [pypy-svn] r47040 - pypy/dist/pypy/doc

Maciek Fijalkowski fijal at genesilico.pl
Wed Oct 3 13:59:03 CEST 2007

Simon Burton wrote:
> Well, I still want to defend this approach...
> The idea is:
> * "ctypes" is the API for interfacing with external objects
> * genrffi constructs rffi objects by introspecting the ctypes objects
> It has nothing to do with rctypes (although it uses ctypes_platform
> to find the libraries). I would at least like people to understand
> what this is, before they put it on a clean-up list.
> Simon.
This is exactly my concern. Because it uses ctypes_platform, it's 
keeping alive code, which I would like to get rid off. Also, given 
ll2ctypes working it's now possible to test rffi version on top of 
cpython, hence I see no point in keeping ctypes version available. 
Please state your concerns, why this cannot be moved to rffi in source code.



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