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Laura Creighton lac at openend.se
Thu Oct 4 09:55:25 CEST 2007

In a message of Thu, 04 Oct 2007 09:26:41 +0200, "Carl Friedrich Bolz" writes:
>Hi Christian,


>> I just think it is very strange if people appear to drive
>> decisions for the whole consortium, when there is a complaint
>> and no common sense in sight. That's why I asked if I missed
>> a discussion and a general agreement, which is very possible.
>Sorry, but the complaint wasn't even visible to me until Simon's mail.
>I can only react to complaints I know about. Thus I find it strange
>that you say stuff like "there is no common sense in sight". It's
>possible that you knew about genrffi longer, but I didn't and I am not
>sure how I am supposed to have known about it.
>Carl Friedrich

I think that here we have a potential problem in that Carl Friedrich
is thinking of "common sense" as the English phrase which means
roughly 'reasonableness' or 'generally and practically well known', as
in 'a common sense belief' -- while all I think Christian was meaning
was 'we sure have a whole lot of attempts to make C extensions' --
i.e. no common belief, or sense that one way ought to be the only way
to do it.  (Or rather, everybody thinks that there ought only to be
one way, but we don't have consensus as to what way that one should
be.)  But I may be misunderstanding totally, of course.

I have my own question.  I think I know why Miciek wants to get
rid of ctypes_platform.  I don't know why Simon wants it to stay,
and if we can get him what he wants it for some other way.  Is
there something special about ctypes_platform that I am missing?


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