[pypy-dev] Where's the Starship's crew?

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Sun Oct 7 04:10:46 CEST 2007

exhuma.twn wrote:
> On Oct 5, 10:31 am, Dick Moores <r... at rcblue.com> wrote:
>> <http://starship.python.net/crew/index.html>
>> I didn't check on all of them, but the only one I found was Mark
>> Hammond <http://starship.python.net/crew/mhammond/>.
>> Dick Moores
> Doing 6 random clicks, revealed:
> http://starship.python.net/crew/hooft/
> all the others are dead links. I realised this fact as well some time
> ago already. I thought the page itself was still "in development" and
> did not find a single one page. These two obviously eluded me ;)

There are actually 20 active links, different from the error default.
Ok, this is not the best result for a total of 273 members.

> Strange to see that the situation did not yet improve. But then again,
> we all probably know how much of a hassle it is to keep 10 different
> web-pages with personal info's up-to-date. I suppose that the starship
> crew all have som homes elsewhere and don't find the time to update
> yet another page.

No, I think the Starship lost a lot of its popularity after a couple
of havaries, and its initiator failed to lead it and to push it
further. I think this is something that needs to be done by somebody.
There was a couple of very helpful supporters, but they were all
on their own, and the originally driving person did not care
any longer for many years. This has changed.

> I myself don't even bother anymore at all. I have
> about 2 hours of free time per day (given that I like to sleep a
> lot!). What makes things worse, the network at work is completely cut
> off from the rest of the world for security reasons. I am happy that I
> at least can access usenet by using google-groups *sigh*.

So you have HTTP access?
Then ask the starship to support that!
I will take care!

> An interesting task might be to find the homes of the starship crew,
> and post them here? Maybe? If lucky, the right person picks this up
> and updates the crew-quarter labels of the starship. Or would
> "Turbolift Buttons" be a better analogy for hyperlinks? Args.
> Supposing, that these turbolifts *do* have buttons. How retro! ;)

The Starship has gone through quite some problems and different hands.
They all were good, and I wish to thank Stefan Drees especially
for hosting it alone for four years from his personal budget.
Not to forget the years where we were hosted by zope.org, and
beopen.com, and some Service created by Mike Mc. Lay before.
Please excuse me, the I don't remember all the details, this
will go into a history page or blog ASAP.

After a long journey through space and time, I am getting back at
my roots, and I want to fill the gap of a driving person, again.
This is not selfish in any way, and not saying that it must be
me at all, but somehow I feel the wish to bring something to
a working future that I started long time ago.

I invented, created and hosted the Starship, ten years ago.
Now I think, after spending a lot of time with other projects
like Stackless Python and PyPy, time has come to redo the Starship
idea, which was my first contribution for the Python community,
a time where I was not able to really contribute by code.
Especially, I could not work on the Python core because I was no
C programmer. So I created Starship, learned C, understood all
the internals and invented Stackless.

But after all, I think I owe the Starship a lot, and I want it to
continue, and to become a valued resource, again. As a starter,
I moved the ship to my stackless server, this time using OpenVZ.

This transfer worked much smoother than expected; I consider
OpenVZ a great piece of software.

The Starship is therefore right now not very different from its
outside view, it was just moved and upgraded. That is just the
beginning. To turn it into a resource of desire, again, a row
of improvements are necessary.

My personal vision, amoung new projects, is to split my time
between Starship, Stackless and PyPy. If that works depends
on the goodwill of sponsors. But it has worked, so I believe it
will work, again.


Here is an incomplete list of things that I want to do or initiate.

First, I want to revive as many as crew homes that are archived.
This will fill the tiny list from above, reasonably, and probably
it will result in people updating their outdated pages.

Then, I want to split the Starship into many sub-sites, first
on my server, then by using a lot of more servers. I am seeking
for sponsors who are willing to support this.

In the end, my vision is turning python.net into a real network
of many servers, each running a very small number of services
through openVZ. Python.net should be something like a server farm,
which runs everything available in Python. Really everything,
including the myriads of possible PyPy builds.

I want to separate all of these things by utilizing OpenVZ,
as fine-grained as makes sense. I am investigating this these days.
Right now, the Starship is a single VE. It will turn into a growing
set of smaller VE's in the next weeks. And as soon as we get
sponsorship, python.net will split itself over multiple machines.

After all, my vision is to create the ultimate Python showdown,
running everything possible in isolated environments and allowing
people to play with different configurations.

python.net should become the ultimate python resource site
for interactive playing and trying, and providing a home for
people to show their development.

I will also try to get the PSF interested in that; maybe there
is also some PSF funding possible. But this is an option, I
will continue Starship without support as well.

I believe I can do that, with your help.

feeling stronger than before that stroke attack -- sincerely - chris


This is much more work than I can do alone. Therefore, I am asking
for people to help me with this.
I also don't want to miss any of the current supporters, and we will
name them all on the revised contributors pages to come.
In order to support really many Python projects, we will need
not only sponsors, but probably the support of the individual
project maintainers as well. I am open to make this my goal
of life, if there are enough people interested.
But they will, I know it.

I do believe in Python, Starship, PyPy and Stackless.
Please help me to make this life-dream into reality.

happily being back to the roots -- chris

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