[pypy-dev] bern sprint finished

Leonardo Santagada santagada at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 18:55:50 CET 2007

This email is a great first post for the blog. And posts about how  
the trip is going would also be great...

Em 30/10/2007, às 15:09, Laura Creighton escreveu:
> On Saturday, Jacob, Samuele, Armin and I leave for the USA.  We are
> meeting with Humanized in Chicago, then IBM in New York, the
> Mozilla/Active State/Tim Bray of Sun in Vancouver, then going to a 3
> day conference in Santa Cruz, then meeting John Rose of Sun and
> various other Sun people, then going to Electronic Arts, and then to
> google on the 14th.  Then 2 days of free time in San Francisco, get
> back on an airplane on the 17th and arrive back here in Göteborg on
> the 19th, day 1 of the sprint.
> Ok, we're crazy. :-)
> But I think that a touring blog would be nice, even as a place to
> download our thoughts before our brains overflow.  Somebody,
> someplace, must have made emacs binding for a commonly used
> blogging site, no?  Googling isn't helping -- I keep finding
> everybody and their dog blogging about emacs bindings for every
> program on this planet, it seems, except the blogging software
> itself.
> Anybody know of any?

For textmate users out there it comes with a plugin for blog, if it  
is not there by default you will have to download the svn plugin  

Leonardo Santagada

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