[pypy-dev] llvm backend status?

Leonardo Santagada santagada at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 17:25:52 CEST 2007

Em Sep 20, 2007, às 7:15 AM, Rahul Garg escreveu:

> Hi.
> I recently discovered PyPy and its one cool project in which I  
> would love to
> be involved in some capacity :)

GReat just great

> So I have a bunch of questions about the direction and status of  
> the project
> a) How is the LLVM backend coming along?

The LLVM backend is unmaintened for some time, so to ressurect it you  
would need to work a little on it. Recently someone commited some  
changes that made most of the tests passing again using LLVM 1.9 so  
what you would need to do is:
* update LLVM to use the LLVM 2.0 sintax (specially accepting LLVM  
2.0 generated code from llvm-gcc)
* make threads work (I think this was one of the things the last  
commit removed)
* make rffi work on it (this is a new way to call C code, created  
after the LLVM got unmaintened).
* Lot's of other little things...
* profit :)

> b) What really are the focus areas of the project currently?

After the eu project ended people took some time off the project to  
recharge the batteries... and now people have started working again,  
and the focus is on cleanups, you can find more on pypy/doc/cleanup- 

> c) Any wishlists  ?

I think that everyone has its own besides cleanup-todo, mine is  
suport for unicode at the RPython level, a new garbage collector, and  
the revival of the LLVM backend, and of course the completion of the  

This is all from someone following the development of pypy from the  
outside, but I think I got most things right :)

Leonardo Santagada

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