[pypy-dev] PyPy cleanups

Richard Emslie richardemslie at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 20:07:11 CEST 2007


Sorry it has taken forever to reply...

> This is the list of possibly orphaned parts of pypy.
> We should consider each item here and think in detail
> what to do with them. They're mostly broken or not
> actively maintained. If nobody shows an interest
> to maintain them, deleting would be the best solution
> to avoid clutter. Also they pose a maintenance burden
> when we proceed with the needed large refactorings.
> Maybe it is also a solution to lazily delete them as
> they are broken by refactoring if nobody steps up.
> Of course deleted things can easily be brought back from
> svn history, if there is renewed interest. So the above
> may sound scarier than it is.
> * llvm backend - we need a maintainer for that

As much I as I agree that deleting code is better than leaving it to  
rot beyond all recognition, I'm still not sure why we need a  
"maintainer" for this given that no other backend has an explicit  
maintainer.  But anyways I will take that role if it needs be.  Most  
work to be done is in factoring code out of genc and making rffi work  
(which I am guessing making changes to rffi, but not sure since  
haven't been following things for last however many months).

>   * pyrex backend (llvm depends on it tough)

There is no longer this dependency.


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