[pypy-dev] master thesis with pypy

Severin seob at gmx.ch
Tue Aug 26 17:35:06 CEST 2008

Hello everybody,

I am Severin - a student at ETH in Zurich. Currently i'm enrolled at the
Masters program in computer science. The next 6 month, starting from the
15th of September I will do my thesis. This more or less means working on a
project. Since me and my mentor (Nicholas Matsakis) both share interest in
python we came up with the idea to do some work with the pypy project.

We started to talk about what we could do and what would be interesting for
us. In some way we wanted to '*improve multiprocessor capabilities*' in
pypy. We had some ideas so far, but we are not yet fixed on something.

I was wondering if somebody of you has something that is of particular
interest to the pypy community. Some ideas that might be interesting to look
at for me. Any kind of input or idea is welcome...

Best regards,
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