[pypy-dev] Sun's Open JDK Challenge http://openjdk.java.net/challenge/

holger krekel holger at merlinux.de
Mon Feb 18 21:13:28 CET 2008

Hi Laura, hi everyone interested in PyPy/JVM and oo backends, 

as it happens, Carl Friedrich, Maciej and me discussed
about it this morning :)  We know that Anto is interested 
in the Da-Vinci JVM challenge.  So I sent a note to Anto and 
Niko asking about their availability - they are in vacation
right now.  

A possible idea to go on might be this: 

a) interested people get together to work out technical PyPy/Da-Vinci 
   related promises given a project span of 6 months (18th March 
   till 4th August 2008).  

   Deadline for proposals is 2nd March.  We can send 
   drafts earlier to Sun's mailing list.  See 
   already existing proposals here: 


   Note: Sun grants money at the end of the project (~August 2008), 
   depending on project outcome and ranking/comparison with other

b) we could plan for 2-3 PyPy sprints with a major subtopic of implementing 
   the proposal's promises.  let's aim at travel+subsistence 
   reimbursment for proposal active people. 

c) developers working on proposal topics could note down their 
   hours and we use this a indication for money distribution in 
   case of success.  (Sun ranks the implemented projects at the 
   end of the project and money is distributed according to it) 

I can offer to help with writing a proposal and also with communication 
and organisation of administrative and legal issues, probably
through "merlinux", a company driven by long time 
PyPy and py.test people, see http://merlinux.de . 

However, IMO the main current issue is to come up with possible 
goals and technical promises.  Any comments and ideas about
possible PyPy/JVM Da-Vinci technical goals?  

Otherwise i guess we may need to wait for Anto and 
Niko getting back. 

best & cheers, 


On Mon, Feb 18, 2008 at 19:07 +0100, Laura Creighton wrote:
> When Sun announced this, I sent mail to John Rose at Sun, to see if
> work on the Da Vinci Machine http://openjdk.java.net/projects/mlvm/
> for Python and PyPy support would be acceptable.
> The answer is favourable.
> I wonder, who would be interested in making a team to work on the
> challenge?  And what would you think would make a good proposal?
> Laura
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