[pypy-dev] Sun's Open JDK Challenge http://openjdk.java.net/challenge/

Laura Creighton lac at openend.se
Tue Feb 19 00:37:43 CET 2008

In a message of Mon, 18 Feb 2008 21:13:28 +0100, holger krekel writes:

<lots of good stuff>

<what looks to me like a completely workable plan>

>However, IMO the main current issue is to come up with possible 
>goals and technical promises.  Any comments and ideas about
>possible PyPy/JVM Da-Vinci technical goals?  

yes, we need to hear from Samuele who is on John Rose's lead team for
making adaptation to the JVM as suits dynamic languages.  How this
and the Da Vinci Machine hang together is not clear to me --
at least the last time I thought I understood it, Samuele made it
clear to me that my model of what was going on was a grossly
oversimplified model of what really was.

>Otherwise i guess we may need to wait for Anto and 
>Niko getting back. 

Maybe, but maybe we ought to get started ahead of time.  I happen to
know Samuele's workload for 2 weeks from now -- we have an in
house design sprint.  If we could get some things settled ahead of
time, this week, then this might be easier for him.

Also, one reason I posted this here was that I was interested in hearing
from people who are on this list, but so far not large contributors
to the PyPy code base.   Interested Lurkers, as it were.  Are
there any of you out there?  Does this sound like something any of you
are interested in?


>best & cheers, 

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