[pypy-dev] Sun's Open JDK Challengehttp://openjdk.java.net/challenge/

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Tue Feb 26 05:12:41 CET 2008

"Carl Friedrich Bolz" <cfbolz at gmx.de> wrote in message 
news:47BC9965.3020002 at gmx.de...
|B. The Entry, in its entirety, must be contributed under the terms of the 

As I read the rules, the proposal is intended to be a new (original) idea, 
to be implemented by writing *new* code.  The new code constitutes the 
entry.  The prize consitutes payment for the new code.

It appears to me that the entry may depend on open source code that is not 
part of the entry itself.  "Each Project must use only open source and free 
software tools and libraries with the exception of any non-free, encumbered 
binaries that are a part of the OpenJDK code base."  They clearly cannot 
expect entrants to submit already licensed code to their SCA.

I would simply be clear in the proposal what new work would constitute the 
'entry' and what old work not a part of the 'entry' it might draw upon.

>From the previous characterization of the SCA given in this thread, I would 
expect the the entry author(s) could also contribute it to the PyPy project 
if appropriate (ie, dual licence it).


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