[pypy-dev] How to learn RPython as a general purpose language

Josh Gilbert jgilbert.python at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 23:06:03 CET 2008

I tried downloading the archives of this list and grepping, but
couldn't find an answer to this question. If it's been discussed to
death and I missed it I apologize.

I realize that it is not recommended to use RPython as a general
purpose language, a front end to C if you will. My question is how one
might learn how to do so, regardless. I'm also interested in reasons
why it shouldn't be done (preferably ones that can be resolved).

## References
I've found a comment on LtU suggesting that it is extremely hard to
learn, yet a valuable skill if you can cut it:

I've also found a hello world example from 2006 (humorously labeled part 1):

Josh Gilbert.

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