[pypy-dev] Using pypy's translator?

Tyler Laing zeroth at oddco.ca
Thu Jul 10 21:57:06 CEST 2008

Hello all. My name is Tyler, or Zeroth as my pseudonym. I'm currently
undertaking a personal project, that seeks to explore pseudo-strict type
checking for Python. More simply, it would analyze the code, and determine
what methods/functions/operators each variable would need to support in the
code, and then enforcing that all variables passed around follow the
informal contract. It would merely enforce that the methods are present, and
return the right(by right, meaning variables with the expected methods)
types. It is an extension of duck typing; "If it walks like a duck, and
talks like a duck, lets make sure they're expecting a duck!"

I have been following the pypy project for a little while, and there are a
tonne of very cool features. Of particular interest is the lexer/parser for
Python. First, is it okay if I use it for my project(open source itself),
and second, any advice on using it? Tutorials? Gotchas, warnings?

Thanks in advance, and have lots of fun.


Visit my blog at http://oddco.ca/zeroth/zblog
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