[pypy-dev] Zope2-RPython implementation help wanted..

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Thu Jul 17 09:25:08 CEST 2008

Hello Ranjith, 

names are confusing here.  PyPy's "RPython" is 
something else than Zope2's Restricted PYthon. 

I guess Chris Withers was refering to the two lightning talks that
he and then Armin/Maciej gave at EuroPython 2008 both carrying
"Restricted Python" in their title.  For the future, I suggest to 
avoid the "R" term and rather talk about _sandboxing_ Python 
code which is what both talks/concepts were about. 

Indeed, PyPy provides a robust way of sandboxing its 
Python Interpreter, see 


I am not sure how well this fits in your "porting zope2 to
python2.5" project - but to me it looks like a good idea 
to go for using pypy-sandbox in the future instead of 
trying to get Zope2's "RestrictedPython" secure and 
ported to 2.5. 



On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 12:38 +0530, ranjith kannikara wrote:
> I have taken the gsoc 08  project of porting zope2 to python2.5.
> Through my way to the successful completetion of the project I have to
> implement Restricted python in Zope2. Chris Withers, consultant of
> simplistix have volunteered to give guidance and help in the RPython
> implementation I was also suggested by him to engage with the PyPy
> guys on their mailing list. and work with their guidance to
> re-implement RestrictedPython in a way that doesn't use AST hacks.
> Being a student I am not much familiar with the RPython yet need some
> help to get the RPython implementaion started..
> How can I get started with the RPython implementation..

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