[pypy-dev] I have a problem interpreting pypy functionality.

Diego Jacobi jacobidiego at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 17:59:33 CEST 2008

2008/7/23 Simon Burton <simon at arrowtheory.com>:
> On Wed, 23 Jul 2008 02:37:20 -0300
> "Diego Jacobi" <jacobidiego at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Is something about a negative slice, i replaced all my negative slices
>> but the error still saying the same.
> try adding assert(index>=0) statements.
>> Is it possible an error of pypy? or it is sure that it is my code. Why
>> doesnt point me to the line being parsed?
> It is a "global" error. Very common when compiling rpython.
> Simon.

Thanks that solved the problem, i will have to write lots of asserts.

I think that this tells me that i can not continue with this:

  File "/home/data/diego/Desktop/Comparativa/PyPy/pypy-dist/pypy/annotation/annrpython.py",
line 317, in ondegenerated
    raise AnnotatorError(msgstr)
pypy.tool.error.AnnotatorError: annotation of v0 degenerated to SomeObject()
v0 = getattr(terms_0, ('sort'))

Happened at file
/home/data/diego/Desktop/Comparativa/PyPy/QuineMcClusky.py line 51

==>     terms.sort( __sort_condition )
        marks = [ False for x in range(len(ones)) ]

.. SomeObject() origin: <FunctionGraph of (QuineMcClusky:19)reduce at
0x889eedc> block at 240 op=0
Previous annotation:

There was previusly a lambda function on sort, i changed that for a
normal function but the error is the same.
If i am not wrong that means that sorting is not supported.


PD: i recently noted that i am sending thoose mails directly to you, sorry.

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