[pypy-dev] Zope2-RPython implementation help wanted..

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Fri Jul 25 18:15:41 CEST 2008

Hi All,

Martijn Faassen wrote:
> I think it's unlikely path to try to make pypy-sandbox, a special
> version of PyPy, work in a Zope 2 context right now.

I'm inclined to agree, but I'd avoid writing it off until the PyPy guys 
have agreed. I would be surprised if they can pull something out of 
their box of tricks here, we may just need to find the right way to 
phrase the problem ;-)

At the very least, we should be trying to find the "right" way for 
realms beyond Zope 2, which it sounds like both myself and Stefan are 

> I think there are two possible paths:
> * try to patch up RestrictedPython by closing any new Python 2.5
> related holes. This would require figuring out what these are.

This has been "the plan", it has, unfortunately, met prettymuch 
universal derision from the PyPy guys and silence from Jim :-(

> * reimplement RestrictedPython using zope 3 security proxies

This is only half the problem, though...

> Zope 3 security proxies right now do the following:
> 1) control any attribute access/setting by asking a security policy
> whether it's allowed
> 2) if you call a method on a proxied object, the result will be proxied as well
> 3) if you pass something into a method on a proxied object, the thing
> passed as an argument will be proxied as well.
> I think to implement something like Restricted Python we would need 1
> (with a Zope 2 specific custom security policy) and 2, but not 3. 3
> causes proxies to start spreading through Zope 2 code 

Why would they cause havoc? They'd only result from stuff in a python 
script calling back into Zope, surely?

It's a shame we can't form a better "blood/brain barrier" that proxies 
on the way in and de-proxies on the way out...

> The hope of this strategy is that it's easier to maintain in the face
> of new Python versions than the current RestrictedPython approach.

Right, but there's still the language problems, of which importing is 
the most serious, but I'm sure there are more lurking there...



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