[pypy-dev] module SomeObject setattr.

Toon Verwaest verwaest at iam.unibe.ch
Mon Mar 10 00:53:26 CET 2008


I'm not yet fully comfortable with the PyPy code so I just lay it out here:

I have written the following code in the Squeak VM (should change in 
the future but its just to show the "problem"):

<file objtable.py:>
objects = []

<file shadow.py:>
objtable.objects += [objofspecifictype]

This seems not to be translatable since this is translated to:
vX = setattr(objtable-module, 'objects', vY).

generally setattr are done on SomeInstance which nicely returns None -> 
SomeImpossibleValue -> the annotator is happy.
However, modules appear to be instances of SomeObject on which setattr 
returns a SomeObject -> type of vX gets broken.

(and the bug received is not very obvious since it says that the 
original type was (none)...)


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