[pypy-dev] Summer of Code

Paul deGrandis paul.degrandis at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 15:57:00 CET 2008

I agree that new approaches to concurrency would be cool.  Possible
 SoCers might start by looking at PARELY (an actor model impl for
 python that runs on PyPy as is).



 On 3/18/08, Jakub Gustak <jgustak at gmail.com> wrote:
 > >  What do you all think of these ideas? Are there other ideas around? I
 >  >  know that Jakub posted something a while ago (haven't looked in detail
 >  >  yet, though). In my opinion we should try to avoid "yet another
 >  >  incomplete interpreter implentation" for this year.
 > I fully agree.
 >  Still, what I proposed was not attempt to create another one, but keep
 >  existing one alive.
 >  It is bothering me, that scheme interpreter is incomplete, but the
 >  problem is, i could not
 >  find a use case for it (except of Thousand Parsecs internal scripting
 >  language - if none
 >  other - faster - scheme implementation available).
 >  So if PyPy is such a nice platform to experiment, let's do it, and
 >  play with different
 >  approaches to implement parallel paradigms, or whatsoever. There is no
 >  need for yet another
 >  scheme interpreter (even complete) if it doesn't have any
interesting features.
 >  That's my 3 cents for now.
 >  Cheers,
 > Jakub Gustak
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