[pypy-dev] Looks like Macij's talk was a hit with the attendees

Laura Creighton lac at openend.se
Sat Mar 29 07:48:18 CET 2008

Alas, I still cannot get them to remove my name from the list of

Forward from Python-organisers

From: Brian Ray <bray at sent.com>
To: pycon-organizers Pycon-Organizers <Pycon-organizers at python.org>

Since we are nearing the 50% participation mark on survey collection,  
I think it is fair to start analyzing the results. Once the paper  
forms are hand entered, I am happy to say, we will pass 50% user  
participation in the survey. This alone, speaks volumes.

Here is a link, if you prefer raw data view:



On the highest level, here are some comparisons between the last year  
data (found here <http://wiki.python.org/moin/PyCon2007/Feedback>):

  - 500+ Surveys were filled out this time, versus 150, last time
  - There were slightly more first timers this year 60.6% than last  
year 56%
  - Overall satisfaction dropped slightly from 3.62/4 to 3.28/4
  - Satisfaction with keynotes dropped from 3.28/4 to 2.78/4
  - Satisfaction with talks dropped from 3.12/4 to 2.81/4
  - Satisfaction with the network dropped sharply from 3.01/4 to 2.19/4
  - Satisfaction with the food dropped from  3.0/4 to 2.61/4
  - Likelihood of attending next year dropped from 3.4/4 to 3.26/4
  - There was an increase of attendance of tutorials from 31.1% to 44.4%

The results on preference of Only weekdays, including one weekend  
days, and including two weekend days, remained about the same.

The top 5 talks (including keynotes) were:

  - Keynote: Guido van Rossum 	41.4%	173
  - Core Python Containers -- Under the Hood      Mr. Raymond D  
Hettinger	20.1%	84
  - Keynote: Brian 'Fitz' Fitzpatrick	18.9%	79
  - The State of Django      Adrian Holovaty	17.7%	74
  - Keynote: Van Lindberg 	16.3%	68

The top 10 talks not including keynotes:

  - Core Python Containers -- Under the Hood      Mr. Raymond D  
Hettinger	20.1%	84
  - The State of Django      Adrian Holovaty	17.7%	74
  - Sights and sounds with pyglet  Mr. Alex Holkner	14.8%	62
  - The State of PyPy    Maciej Fijalkowski (merlinux GmbH) ; Ms.  
Laura A Creighton (Open End AB)	13.6%	57
  - SQLAlchemy 0.4 and Beyond    Mike Bayer	13.2%	55
  - Using PyGame and PySight to Create an Interactive Halloween  
Activity    Mr. John Harrison (Insight Industries)	12.9%	54
  - Consuming HTML     Ian Bicking (The Open Planning Project)	11.2%	47
  - nose: testing for the lazy coder    Jason Pellerin (Leapfrog  
Online)	10.5%	44
  - IronPython: The Road Ahead     Mr. Jim Hugunin (Microsoft)	10.5%	44
  - Tahoe: A Robust Distributed Secure Filesystem      Brian Warner	 
10.3%	43
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