[pypy-dev] Windows Testing

Greg Bowyer gbowyer at fastmail.co.uk
Tue May 13 11:02:51 CEST 2008

Scott Dial wrote:
> Greetings Everyone,
> I was indulging in a bit of googling of my name and ran across this blog 
> post from months back:
> http://morepypy.blogspot.com/2007/11/sprint-discussions-releases-testing.html
> """
> As you can see, we are lacking in the Windows testing area, which is an 
> even worse problem because none of the currently active developers has 
> Windows as his primary OS. We should improve this by finding a Windows 
> machine where the tests are run nightly and where we can log in to try 
> bug-fixes quickly. The latter bit is important, we had a nightly windows 
> test run before (thanks to Scott Dial) but it didn't help, because even 
> if you tried to fix a bug you would have to wait until the next night to 
> see whether it worked.
> """
> Oddly enough, I came to this conclusion as well, but at the time I 
> withdrew my box because some serious problems developed with PyPy on 
> Win32 that made it impractical to continue to run the test suite. Early 
> this February I took some time to try and run the test suite again (same 
> problems exist as they did almost a year ago).
> However, this time, I set it up on a VMWare instance on a Linux server. 
> If someone would be interested in having access to that VMWare instance, 
> then I would be willing to provide the login information. Alternatively, 
> I might be able to invest some time in solving the bugs, but I'm not 
> sure. In the past, I got the impression that the development team was 
> indifferent to Win32 support and was not interested in being an advocate.
> -Scott

Out of interest what is broken on the windows testing front ?

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