[pypy-dev] Windows Testing

Michael Schneider michaelschneider at current.net
Tue May 13 16:29:13 CEST 2008


I am replying to your email with good news.  Over the last couple of 
days, the pypy devs have worked
to address the build issues that was triggering failures that occurred 
during  the --allworkingmdoules windows translation.

If you perform an update from svn, and follow the instructions below, 
you will have a running pypy exe.

We welcome you back with open arms, and have several opportunities for 
you to improve pypy on windows.

I put together some notes that should help you get started again.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions,
Welcome back,

------------------- Individual Development Setup Environment 

To setup your windows dev env:

1) Install or activate (vcvars32.bat) visual studio 2003
2) follow instructions on 
3) install zlib, bz2 and openssl dev environments
     - install dll's into  Windows/system32
    - install  headers into vc/include/..
    - install lib files into vc/lib

4) download pypy from svn
5) cd pypy\translator\goal\
6) translate.py --text --run targetpypystandalone.py - -allworkingmodules

You should now have a running interpreter.

------------------- Buildbot support ------------------------------------
JP has setup pypy buildbots for windows, linux 64, and linux 32

Here is a link to the buildbot page:  

Buildbot kicks off a nightly build at 7:00 EST, and can be triggered on 

------------------ Proposed  Access to Windows VM on Scott's linux 

This would be very valuable for debugging purposes.  Please go ahead and 
set this up.
I would be happy to help you address any issues that arise.

---------------- pypy modules disabled on windows -------------------------

the file   pypy\config\pypypotion.py  defines which modules will be 
include in the build.

on windows, we remove the following libraries from the translator built 
with --allworkingmodules

A good project would be to finish some of the modules on this list.

if sys.platform == "win32":
    # unix only modules
    del working_modules["crypt"]
    del working_modules["fcntl"]
    del working_modules["termios"]
    del working_modules["_minimal_curses"]
    # modules currently missing explicit windows support
    del working_modules["signal"]
    del working_modules["_rawffi"]
    # modules with broken windows support
    del working_modules["mmap"]    # MLS - Added 5/11/08 - broken
    del working_modules["_socket"] # MLS - Added 5/11/08 - broken
    del working_modules["select"] # MLS - Added 5/11/08 - broken


Scott Dial wrote:
> Greetings Everyone,
> I was indulging in a bit of googling of my name and ran across this blog 
> post from months back:
> http://morepypy.blogspot.com/2007/11/sprint-discussions-releases-testing.html
> """
> As you can see, we are lacking in the Windows testing area, which is an 
> even worse problem because none of the currently active developers has 
> Windows as his primary OS. We should improve this by finding a Windows 
> machine where the tests are run nightly and where we can log in to try 
> bug-fixes quickly. The latter bit is important, we had a nightly windows 
> test run before (thanks to Scott Dial) but it didn't help, because even 
> if you tried to fix a bug you would have to wait until the next night to 
> see whether it worked.
> """
> Oddly enough, I came to this conclusion as well, but at the time I 
> withdrew my box because some serious problems developed with PyPy on 
> Win32 that made it impractical to continue to run the test suite. Early 
> this February I took some time to try and run the test suite again (same 
> problems exist as they did almost a year ago).
> However, this time, I set it up on a VMWare instance on a Linux server. 
> If someone would be interested in having access to that VMWare instance, 
> then I would be willing to provide the login information. Alternatively, 
> I might be able to invest some time in solving the bugs, but I'm not 
> sure. In the past, I got the impression that the development team was 
> indifferent to Win32 support and was not interested in being an advocate.
> -Scott

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