[pypy-dev] Running pysqlite on pypy

Gerhard Häring gh at ghaering.de
Sat May 17 12:32:45 CEST 2008

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Antonio Cuni wrote:
> [...] One more questions: I have two versions of pysqlite-ctypes around:
> 1) the one which was originally at http://hg.ghaering.de/pysqlite3/;
> that link is now broken but you can still download it from
> http://codespeak.net/~cfbolz/pysqlite3.tar.gz

That was more a proof-of-concept (*). Without deep ctypes wizardry I
couldn't make anything with callbacks from SQLite work reliably. That's
why create_function, create_aggregate and friends were removed. If it's
possible to make that work at all, it's beyond my understanding of ctypes.

FWIW I'd be very surprised if you'd get callbacks from C to Python
working with PyPy, using the same ctypes API. Basically anything that
involes a py_object smells like a problem for me.

> 2) the one in the official pysqlite repo; I've got it by doing hg clone
> http://oss.itsystementwicklung.de/hg/pysqlite/ && hg up -C ctypes pysqlite
> I found that while (2) is supposed to be newer, it misses some features
> that (1) has, in particular Connection.create_function (which is needed
> by django).

create_function wasn't really fully implemented there, either. Also,
everything that involved callbacks led to lost references and/or
segfaults. That's why I dumped all that.

> I'm not an expert of mercurial, but it seems that some changesets went
> lost when moving from the old url to the new one.

OTOH all pysqlite branches are now conveniently (for me, at least) in a
single repository.

- -- Gerhard

(*) The current pysqlite-ctypes at least passes all tests and doesn't
leak references running the tests.
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