[pypy-dev] Europython 2008 - talks?

Jacob Hallén jacob at openend.se
Wed May 21 22:04:50 CEST 2008

onsdagen den 21 maj 2008 skrev Maciej Fijalkowski:
> Bah, sent in the middle
> Due to short time, I'll just submit 2 more talks with this structure
> (assuming that jacob reserved the "architecture" one). We can discuss
> and
> change it probably further (but 3 slots sounds like a reasonable
> solution anyway).
> Cheers,
> fijal

This is what I have submitted:

Title: PyPy for the rest of us - A lightweight introduction for people who 
want to understand the big picture

Target audience: intermediate (concerning Python), novice (concerning PyPy)

Theme: Python Language

Talk format: 30 minutes

Summary: PyPy is a new implementation of Python that has been worked on for 
about 4 years. It has been usable for a couple of years, but there hasn't 
been a compelling reason for Python users to use PyPy so far. We expect this 
to change in the next 6-12 months, so now is the time to find out what PyPy 
is about, This talk explains the big picture of what PyPy is and isn't, in a 
way that is accessible to everyone. If you want to understand how a JIT 
compiler generator works, this talk is not for you. If you want to understand 
where PyPy stands today and what hurdles remain to make your code go faster, 
you should attend.

Speaker: Jacob Hallén

Biography: Jacob has been involved with the PyPy project since its first 
sprint. He has done a lot of auxilliary work like coding library modules, 
writing funding proposals and doing project management tasks. This means that 
he has had to bend his mind around the intricate results of the genius coders 
that surround him.

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