[pypy-dev] compiler optimizations: collecting ideas

Daniel Furrer daniel.furrer at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 15:48:11 CET 2008

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Hello everybody,

As part of an advanced compiler design course at our university (ETH
Zurich), we have to implement an optimization (or various thereof).
I've spoken with a couple of people who are, like me, very fascinated by
So I would just like to ask if somebody has any ideas on what we could do?

Our constraints:
- We are 4 persons, each willing to potentially spend around 4-6 full days
of work.
- We've been working on generating Control Flow Graphs, generating Static
Single Assignment Form (inserting phi-nodes) and removing it again. We've
also implemented techniques like constant folding, copy propagation, Common
Subexpression Elimination etc.

We're looking for:
- Hints as to which python compiler would be best to work on. (The official
Python compiler package seems very nice to work with actually... [and so
does PyPy.])
- If there are any requests in the area of optimization that we could have a
look at

Any feedback would be highly appreciated as well as pointers to specific
bugs in the tracker and other relevant discussions.

Best regards,
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