[pypy-dev] sprint in Wrocław (PL)

Bartosz SKOWRON getxsick at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 02:01:54 CET 2008

Hello folks!

Fijal asked me to write about possibility of making a sprint in Wroclaw.

There is a possibility to set a sprint at Wroclaw University of
Technology campus for free. But we have a chance to reserve a class
only during winter break. This period is between 30.01 - 22.02. I got
a permission to make a sprint from uni's boss but i have to set the
dates. My proposition is 9.02-15.02 2009. What about you?
Are you interested in this sprint? The town is quite cheap (as whole
Eastern Europe is) and there are a lot of hostels/hotels etc. Also
it's very near to Germany and Czech Rep.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I should reserve a class asap but I need the dates and your opinion :)


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