[pypy-dev] pypy appears to have entirely removed all mention of javascript back-end support from web site

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Wed Apr 22 21:47:17 CEST 2009

> Alternatively, if we talk about a subset, the criteria is that *if* my
> program runs it *needs* to give the very same results (if it doesn't...
> well, that's why it's a subset :-)).

 well, pyjamas came "from" the area of web development (where the
merged/subset stuff doesn't matter and is actually desirable).

 and i just wanted to emphasise to you that, from experience, the
"good enough" really _is_ good enough, for web developers' purposes -
and that you should talk much louder and make a much bigger deal of
the javascript back-end than is currently being made.

if you can add in "assembly-level-like" infusion, where javascript
snippets can be substituted directly into the resultant javascript
output, then you are on to a winner.  the pyjamas compiler uses this
technique to directly interface with the DOM model of the browser.

however i believe that it would be relatively easy to go from this
"good enough" / "relaxed" mode to "full python compliance" - the
"strict" mode as i call it.

btw i'm glad for the heads-up warning about garbage collection (which
someone kindly mentioned in an earlier post) - i don't know enough to
fully understand the implications but will, as i progress, keep an eye
out for problems, there.  once i run into my first brick wall i'll
have more of an idea of what you're referring to :)


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