[pypy-dev] supporting new libraries

poelzi poelzi at poelzi.org
Sat Aug 1 01:20:57 CEST 2009


i personally have made quite bad experice with swig and mostly not so 
good with most bindings generators so far.

recently i found http://code.google.com/p/pybindgen/ and found the 
quality of the the generator really a good starting point; also that it 
uses gccxml for itrospection for auto generated bindings removes a lot 
of pain :-)

i started making me thoughts to refactor pybindgen to generate not only 
python wrappers ( i need lua wrappers sometimes, too). While beeing at 
it i thought, why not use it to generate pypy wrapping code, too. So 
python_c is just another target same as pypy. maybe some code can be 
shared between such same language, different interpreter backends.

maybe the frontend could be abstracted a bit, too. so if someone writes 
a defs parser the gtk python definitions could be used and only the 
overloaded functions need customizations, same goes for the qt4 sip 
stuff i think.

what do you think ?

kindly regards

PS: sorry for breaking the thread, i just subscribed :-)

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