[pypy-dev] Hello PyPy Developer Team

Daniel Bovensiepen daniel at bovensiepen.net
Sun Dec 6 20:08:23 CET 2009

Hi Samuel,

I didn't saw your mail last month. I'm at the moment in copenhagen but
my home town is also hanover. There is a small group of people who are
meeting every month to talk mainly about ruby. But we are all also
interested in programming languages such as python. So if you like you
can join us at the 14.12.2009 (http://wiki.ruby-portal.de/RUUH). I'm
quite new to pypy, but I'm playing with the idea to write a small
(means reduced) rb implementation in it just for fun. If you like to
join one of the coming pypy sprints, maybe we can also find a way to
travel together to reduce the financial issue.

best regards

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