[pypy-dev] Questions about PyPy

Alexander D. Sedov elec.lomy.ru at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 19:17:02 CET 2009

I have some questions about PyPy.
I want to use PyPy with its great coroutines in my project.
But I already use numpy for it. Is there a working numpy port for PyPy?
BTW, when I looked through exist Numeric code, I noticed a typo:
In function 'get_slice':
                dim = (stop-start)//step
                stride = self.strides[i]*step
                dims.append( dim )
>               strides.append( step )
I think that author meant 'strides.append(stride)'.

Question 2 is about `py` library distributed with PyPy, is it
There were some great changes from version 1.0 to 1.1, so I want to know
if I may just replace or have to patch.

Question 3 is about `stackless` module. As far as I can understand from
mailing list it is not supported for long time. So, because I need it
and I think that I have understood it, I can support it if you'll let.

Question 4 is about `distributed` module. I know it doesn't work, but
what does line 
> from py.__.green.msgstruct import decodemessage, message
mean? I tried to locate `green` module, but located no one.

Thanks, and sorry for my bad English.
Alexander D. Sedov <Elec.Lomy.RU at gmail.com>

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