[pypy-dev] Talk in the Supercomputing Day, Madrid

Maciej Fijalkowski fijall at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 17:05:15 CET 2009

On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 12:50 PM, Paolo Giarrusso <p.giarrusso at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, first I'd like to qualify myself as a student of Virtual Machine
> implementations, not working (yet) on PyPy itself, and aware of some
> HPC issues at a basic level. Still, I'd like to help pinpointing the
> discussion.
> ...

Sorry, but I would like to point out that this thread is about
possible conference appearance, not general discussion about HPC.

Things that you mentioned are interesting, but off topic and are
possibly well known to Guillem I suppose.

Paolo, please feel free to use pypy-dev as a discussion place,
especially regarding implementing dynamic VMs, but we would be
grateful if you stick to some guidelines:

* Stick to the topic of current discussion.

* Discuss one issue at a time, and not a complete flow of buzzwords.

* Try to provide more sources/details rather than general statements.

Thanks and cheers,

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