[pypy-dev] Translate failes =(

Vetoshkin Nikita nvetoshkin at naumen.ru
Wed Jan 21 00:12:37 CET 2009

Could you please point me source files where to look/digg:
"configure" phase building and
pypy-c executable building.
As I see now, /MT flag I used applies to all compiled binaries and you 
suggest using it only during first building process?
Any ideas about building manifest file to proper msvcrt.dll linking?

 >The /MT flag is a nice trick.
 >But the ctypes module of the generated pypy-c will not work correctly:
 >get_libc() is supposed to return the MSVCRT.dll linked with the
 >executable, this function won't work if the c runtime is linked

 >The best would be to use /MT (=static C runtime) to build extension
 >modules (during the "configure" phase) and /MD (=shared C runtime)
 >when building the pypy-c executable.
 >-- Amaury Forgeot d'Arc

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