[pypy-dev] Europython sprint

Jacob Hallén jacob at openend.se
Tue Jan 27 22:24:20 CET 2009

Hi everyone,

the Europython organisers would like us to settle on dates for a sprint around 
Europython as soon as possible. They are very eager to do well in the 
sprinting department, as sprints are something that hasn't taken off in the 
UK so far. It is something they very much want to change.

PyPy is naturally considered to be the leader in the field of sprints and the 
organisers would like to accomdate our needs as best they can. This means 
that they have to book rooms in the next week or so.

The outine of the programme is as follows:

    *  Sunday 28th June and Monday 29th June : Tutorial Days
    * Tuesday 30th June to Thursday 2nd July : Conference
    * Friday 3rd July, as long as needed : Sprints

We could have a sprint(an internal one?)  in parallel with the tutorials if we 

How long would we like to sprint after the conference? Friday-Sunday?

Birmingham is quite a nice environment and the rate of the British pound is 
not so outrageous, that we probably can afford a decent length of stay.


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