[pypy-dev] py.path.svnwc stopped working for me

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Fri Jul 10 03:26:17 CEST 2009

def psycofiles():
     path = py.path.svnwc(os.pardir)
     for p in path.visit(lambda x: x.check(versioned=1)):
         if p.check(dir=1):
             print p
             yield p.relto(path).replace('\\', '/')

stopped working. I don't want to know why.
I'm upset by the fact that it stopped working, even if the
library is not guilty. Yes, I updated SVN.
But it is the library that pretends to be working for me.

and this is the reason why I hate libraries so much:

They pretend to solve a problem, and they do this for a while
(3 years in this case).
But the payload is not worth it, because in the end, the library
stops working. And the replies you will get are of the kind
"well, why did you not update X and Y, and read list Z?"


Libraries are just another way to subordinate people.

I want a simple, readable piece of source code that I can
understand, when it crashes. Not when I'm recreated and
happy to read lots of twisted code. But right now, in a release
process, when I love nothing more than a trivial SVN script
that crashes, because it thinks it became important some time.

py.lib is one of these crappy things. GO AWAY, you are not helpful.
you are arrogant!

Why I dare to say this?
Code that makes me dependent, for the sake of saving a few lines,
but obfuscating what's going on in a way that I get lost right
before doing a release. That is crap. Holy shit! Arrogant code.
Evict this code till before the invention of computers, please!

I will stop using it, because it always has cost me a
multiple of the time that I would have used without it.
I hate libraries, and even more I hate unreadable libraries.
Have you ever tried to find out why py.lib stops working?

Do you always want to bend your head towards Mekka, thanking
Allah that you did not hit that new bug in the library, today?

Forget it! The only valid answer to arrogant code is
ignoring it. Be arrogant!

don't try to discuss that. I'm not going to be nice
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