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Subject: Re: [europython-contact] EuroPython2009 Volunteering

Hello Graham,

2009/6/12 Graham Manwell <jgmanwell at googlemail.com>:
> Hi John,
> Sorry not to do this via the wiki - can't seem to get that to work
> from home at the moment.


> I'm at EuroPython09 from 27/06/09 and am
> happy to try to chair any sessions or tutorials you might have free
> slots for - my field is compilers so if I chaired stuff in that area
> at least I'd.have some chance of asking intelligent questions -
> although PyPy makes my brain hurt.  Also happy to offer any help with
> bag stuffing, registration and so on.  Let me know what you need.

Thanks, that's great.

Best wishes,

- --

> Cheers,
> Graham
> J. Graham Manwell
> Lecturer in Computer Science,
> University of the West of Scotland.
> t: 0141 848 3545/0141 632 2928
> e: jgmanwell at gmail.com/manw-ci0 at uws.ac.uk

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I wonder if 'making my brain hurt' is to be considered positive in
this context?


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