[pypy-dev] Speeding Up SimPy

Steven H. Rogers steve at shrogers.com
Tue Mar 17 13:55:45 CET 2009

Richard Tew wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 10:36 PM, Steven H. Rogers <steve at shrogers.com> wrote:
>> Greenlets look like they could be a viable alternative to generators for
>> simulating concurrency.  How expensive are greenlets compared to generators?
> I haven't heard of anyone who has benchmarked the difference.  I'd be
> interested in seeing some results myself.
> I could handwave based on indirect reports, for what it's worth, as
> it's easier than actually benchmarking it myself :-)  ...
Thanks Richard.  A little hand waving from someone with your experience 
provides good insight.  I'll start work on some benchmarks.

Does anyone know how well greenlets and Psyco play together?


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