[pypy-dev] Hello PyPy Developer Team

Samuel Reis con at samuelreis.de
Mon Nov 2 23:47:27 CET 2009

Hello everybody,

My name is Samuel Reis and I'm a 17-year-old student from Hanover, Germany.

First of all, I'm very sorry for my English. It's not that I think I 
write English _that_ worse, but I don't know what kind of impression I 
make with that.

Anyway ...

I found this project a few months ago while I was looking for 
alternative python interpreters.
Since then I found it really interested reading blog posts, sprint 
reports, etc. and watching this project's progress.
Meanwhile it has to be the whole site that I already read, I think ;).

I would call myself a (not so advanced) advanced programmer :) in C, as 
I do that since a few years (besides some ugly BASIC-Dialects - not that 
C is beautiful since I met python).
Not to forget obj-orientated PHP, which was my entry point to scripting 
languages and still is the majority of code I write - both private and 
at work.
To the Python language I'm a freshman (a few months, as said), but 
although I have to look up 60-70% of the functions in the manual, I know 
and understand the python language structure very well.

The concept of defining python in python itself fascinates me, and also 
how this concept developed and now involves the possibility to create 
interpreter code for (in theory) every computer language/environment (if 
I understood that right).

Contributing to this project would make me very happy, so I would be 
glad if there were some/more minor things to do for me as a beginner.

Oh, yeah, and not to forget:
I've created a small piece of artwork related to pypy. I don't know if 
it has any use for you, but just for the sharings sake, I'll share it 
with you.


The logo art is inspired of an ancient symbol called "Ouroboros", 
"depicting a serpent or dragon swallowing its own tail and forming a 
circle." (en.wikipedia.org)
I think this nicely symbolizes the recursivity of writing a python 
interpreter in python itself.

This is licensed under the CC BY-SA Germany license. 

I'll be very happy with your feedback :)

Regards -- Samuel

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