[pypy-dev] pypy.objspace.std.model.UnwrapError in socket.epoll.register

Fiedzia maciejdziardziel at wp.pl
Wed Nov 11 18:07:47 CET 2009

Out of curiosity i tried to use pypy to run diesel 

For some reason pypy in trunk doesn't add OutputType  property in cStringIO 
(perhaps it needs some installation or postprocessing because this property 
is mentioned in cStringIO pypy module). After setting it manually  at the 
beginning of diesel helloworld example, i can see long traceback that ends 

  File "/home/fiedzia/soft/pypy/trunk/pypy/objspace/std/fake.py", line 141, 
in funcrun
  File "/home/fiedzia/soft/pypy/trunk/pypy/objspace/std/fake.py", line 162, 
in setfastscope
    raise UnwrapError('calling %s: %s' % (code.cpy_callable, e))
pypy.objspace.std.model.UnwrapError: calling <method 'register' of 
'select.epoll' objects>: cannot unwrap <W_ObjectObjectUserSlotsWeakrefDel() 
instance of <W_TypeObject(_socketobject)>>

using select.epoll from pypy console seems to work, but obviously diesel 
pushes it to the limits. Is there something that i can try to make it 
working or do i hit something unsupported by pypy?

Maciej Dziardziel

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