[pypy-dev] pypy.objspace.std.model.UnwrapError in socket.epoll.register

Carl Friedrich Bolz cfbolz at gmx.de
Wed Nov 11 18:22:23 CET 2009

On 11/11/2009 06:07 PM, Fiedzia wrote:
> Out of curiosity i tried to use pypy to run diesel 
> (http://dieselweb.org/lib/).
> For some reason pypy in trunk doesn't add OutputType  property in cStringIO 
> (perhaps it needs some installation or postprocessing because this property 
> is mentioned in cStringIO pypy module). After setting it manually  at the 
> beginning of diesel helloworld example, i can see long traceback that ends 
> with:
>   File "/home/fiedzia/soft/pypy/trunk/pypy/objspace/std/fake.py", line 141, 
> in funcrun
>     frame.setfastscope(scope_w)
>   File "/home/fiedzia/soft/pypy/trunk/pypy/objspace/std/fake.py", line 162, 
> in setfastscope
>     raise UnwrapError('calling %s: %s' % (code.cpy_callable, e))
> pypy.objspace.std.model.UnwrapError: calling <method 'register' of 
> 'select.epoll' objects>: cannot unwrap <W_ObjectObjectUserSlotsWeakrefDel() 
> instance of <W_TypeObject(_socketobject)>>
> using select.epoll from pypy console seems to work, but obviously diesel 
> pushes it to the limits. Is there something that i can try to make it 
> working or do i hit something unsupported by pypy?
Try to either use a compiled pypy (which would be significantly faster 
anyway) or start your py.py with the option --allworkingmodules


Carl Friedrich

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