[pypy-dev] new speed.pypy.org site?

Miquel Torres tobami at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 2 19:05:11 CEST 2009

Hi Holger,
for the time being it is not a problem. I can begin the implementation
locally and later continue on the server VM.

One thing I would need though: a speed.pypy wiki page. I would like that you
(pypy core developers) write down the most important use cases for

For example:
- See right away the last x trunk revisions. A line plot (and table?) will
be shown for each individual benchmark in the benchmark suite.
- Allow to select multiple, arbitrary trunk revisions for comparing
- Show different data series in the same graph for different compile options
(like tuatara's benchmarks??)

I have my own ideas, but you will be the main users, so you need to tell me
what you need implemented first.

Another wiki page could be about what benchmarks could be useful for the
suite. It would be great if all benchmarks results were points, or all
seconds (less is better), (or x times faster/slower than cpython) because
that way results can be shown in a much more compact form.

For example stacked:
or combined in a single chart:

Anyway the lack of a VM is not a problem for me right now.



2009/10/2 holger krekel <holger at merlinux.eu>

> Hi Miquel, all,
> regarding the new speed.pypy.org host I realized that the current
> setting is not suited for setting up another VM.  Too few resources
> and old-ish software.  I plan to order a new host, setup speed.pypy.org
> there (and migrate existing VMs later).  Takes a week or two i guess.
> Hope this doesn't block you.
> Could maybe someone here on the list (temporarily) offer a suitable VM
> to run Django Apps/DBs where Miquel can get an account?
> i'd then point the "speed.pypy.org" DNS entry to it.
> The earlier the site gets running the earlier we can all follow
> speed developments with the PyPy JIT :)
> best,
> holger
> --
> Metaprogramming, Python, Testing: http://tetamap.wordpress.com
> Python, PyPy, pytest contracting: http://merlinux.eu
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