[pypy-dev] benchmarking input

Anders Hammarquist iko at openend.se
Mon Sep 21 17:27:04 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I need some input for the benchmarking infrastructure. I'm nearly
at the point where I need to have some place to run it before
continuing (i.e. I need to try and use it, not just speculate).

Anyway, what I was thinking about, and need input on, is how to get
at the interpreters to run the benchmark. When we were talking just
benchmarks, and not profiling, my thought was to just use whatever
python the machine has, and fetch the pypy from the last buildbot
run, but for profiling that will not work (and anyway, running the
profiling on the standard python is quite pointless). So benchmarks
will obviously have to specify what interpreter(s) they should be run
by somehow.

The bigger question is how to get those interpreters. Should running
the benchmarks also trigger building one (or more) pypy interpreters
according to specs in the benchmarking framework? (but then if you
only want it to run one benchmark, you may have to wait for all the
interpreters to build) Perhaps each benchmark should build its own
interpreter (though this seems slow, given that most benchmarks
can probably run on an identically built interpreter).

Or maybe the installed infrastructure should only care about history,
and if you want to run a single benchmark, you do that on your own.

Thoughts please!


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