[pypy-dev] Nightly Benchmarks

Miquel Torres tobami at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 29 11:31:21 CEST 2009

Hi iko,

we just had a #pypy discussion about setting up a benchmarks web page and I
was told that you already have started some work in that direction, so it
would be great to coordinate each other because I intend to implement the
visualization part.

(to all others that attended the chat, feel free to correct me on any point
I do not correctly adress)
(and to all others that did NOT attend, feel free to make suggestions :)

We agreed on a Django DB backend, and plot rendering by the browser, so we
need to talk about the way to store the nightly benchmark data into the DB.

The end goal is to build a speed.pypy.org where you can compare all kind of
pypy versions to cpython and other python interpreters and other languages
in a similar vein to
not a copy of).

As a fist step we should adress the main interest right now: pypy
performance evolution through trunk revisions.

Can you please explain to me what you are doing in that area now?

Best regards,

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